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In this program parents: 
                   Learn effective child                                          management & SNAP® strategies.
                   Form connections with other 
                    parents facing similar challenges 
Children:  Learn to use SNAP® in different                         situations.
                  Learn to make better choices                             in the moment
SNAP Facilitator -  SNAP® stands for STOP
NOW AND PLAN. It is a proven model that teaches children struggling with behavioural problems and their parents how to make better choices “in the moment”. SNAP® helps children and their parents learn how to  effectively manage their emotions and “keep problems small”

Completing the Train the Trainer Certification

The 9th HR Conference at the Marriott Grand Cayman
Segment Moderator
Youth Forum - 
The Future of Work We Want – Voices of our Youth

As the future drivers of our tourism economies, Caribbean youth must continually be invited to the table and given opportunities to share their perspectives and expectations regarding tourism development. Even more importantly, our young people must be called to play their part in addressing the challenges this future holds for our tourism sector and contribute to the solutions.

Program Facilitator - Positive Discipline
Workshop aimed at increasing parent’s awareness of their emotions when disciplining their children
and learning effective and positive parenting strategies to manage children’s behaviours.
In this workshop parents learn:
 Develop greater Understanding of discipline and parenting styles
 Learn how to effectively manage parents and children emotions
 Learn effective child management strategies
Program Facilitator - Fathers First

The Father's First Programme is a 10 week programme for fathers that aims to focus on areas such as responsible fatherhood, dealing with children’s behaviours, managing conflict and handling anger, the art of communication, coping as a single father and building a support network.

Program Facilitator - CO-Parenting

This seminar is designed to give insight to divorced parents who are raising children between two homes, both in single parent families and in step parent families. Learn strategies for co-parent communication, planning for holidays, helping your children cope with divorce and much more! .

one Heart 2 Homes - Co parenting Program
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