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Support the Wrecking Trade podcast as it fearlessly tackles men's issues, fosters open dialogue, and promotes understanding of healthy masculinity. Join the movement to shatter stereotypes, explore diverse perspectives, and create positive change in our evolving society.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to "The Wrecking Trade," the Podcast that dives headfirst into the issues that impact men and provides a platform for open dialogue and understanding. I'm your host Robert Lynch. Together, we're on a mission to paint a clear picture of what healthy masculinity means in today's ever-changing world.


Robert Lynch is the host of "The Wrecking Trade" podcast. He emphasizes open dialogue and understanding of the issues impacting men. Robert encourages listeners to explore the YouTube channel for valuable content, read the book "Straight Talk for Relationships" for effective communication strategies, and visit his blog for additional resources on masculinity and personal growth.

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