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Welcome to "The Wrecking Trade," the radio show that provides a platform for a deeper understanding of the issues affecting men in the Cayman Islands.

Join us as we explore the low enrollment of men and boys in college classrooms, the absence of men in the church, and the absence of fathers in the home.

Join the conversation as we help men find their place in the modern world.

Through engaging interviews with experts and members of the community, we provide a clear picture of what healthy masculinity looks like for boys and girls.

Our mission is to provide a voice for men, to help them navigate through the challenges they face and to provide hope for a brighter future.

So tune in every week and join the conversation on "The Wrecking Trade." Together, we can make a difference in the lives of men and boys in the Cayman Islands.

Robert Lynch is an Author, Media, Marketing, and communications specialist who works with individuals, groups, and companies to communicate, connect, and grow.


Robert believes that we can empower each other to achieve more through clear, communication fueled by empathy, energy, and humour.


Robert is trained in counselling techniques and small group management and holds certificates in critical thinking, brand engagement and social media management

Robert also Volunteers with the Family Resource Centre in the Cayman Islands to deliver family skills and communications based programs to families, children, and incarcerated men. Programs are designed to help persons reconnect with families, manage challenging behaviour, or enhance emotional self-regulation.


Robert holds a B.A in mass media and Communication with a concentration in Television production from Northern Caribbean University and a Graduate Certificate in Communication from Walden University.



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