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Angela Healthcare: A New Dawn in Medical Services in the Cayman Islands'

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands – Angela Healthcare is making waves in the Cayman Islands, offer

ing a revolutionary approach to medical care. Founded by Aaron De Coteau, an engineer-turned-healthcare visionary, Angela Healthcare promises accessible, affordable, and high-quality medical services straight to the home or workplace of the Cayman Islands residents.

De Coteau, inspired by his mother Angela‘s compassionate nature, has initiated a unique healthcare model that combines the convenience of technology with the human touch of in-home care. The service allows patients to receive medical consultations

and care without leaving their homes. It includes a subscription-based model, offering up to three doctor consultations per month for a flat fee of $50.

Angela Healthcare‘s approach is innovative yet straightforward. Patients can call for medical assistance, and a nurse equipped with diagnostic devices visits their home, connecting in real-time with a doctor for immediate consultation. This service is particularly beneficial for the elderly, tech-averse individuals, and busy parents juggling childcare and work responsibilities.

The company also plans to introduce telemedicine booths in public areas like supermarkets, making healthcare even more accessible to the general public. These booths will offer privacy and convenience for on-the-spot medical consultations and prescription renewals.

Aaron emphasizes that Angela Healthcare is more than just a business. It’s a mission to provide equitable healthcare, inspired by the principle of giving more and taking less. This philosophy, he believes, is the key to genuine customer service and long-term success.

The healthcare model has received endorsement from Dr. Stevenson Tomlinson, the service’s medical director, and a well-respected figure in the medical community. His involvement adds credibility and trust to Angela Healthcare‘s mission.

Angela Healthcare is a testament to the transformative power of empathy and innovation in healthcare. It stands as a beacon of hope, especially for those who have struggled with the conventional healthcare system’s limitations. As the Cayman Islands embrace this new model, Angela Healthcare is set to redefine the norms of medical care, making it more humane, accessible, and efficient.

For more information or to subscribe to Angela Healthcare, interested individuals can visit With limited subscriptions available, the service encourages prompt registration, especially as the new year approaches and insurance benefits renew. Subscribing now will enhance your benefits by increasing the number of doctor’s consultations you have access to for the new year..


Contact: Website:

Phone: 345 548 0707

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